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MIG_N2Treat - Multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers throughout the migraine cycle: towards neurofeedback training for personalized anti-migraine treatment

T1-qAFHA - Myocardium T1 Quantification in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Enabled by HighlyAccelerated Acquisitions and Robust Motion Correction

NeuroAugVR - Stroke Neurorehabilitation Augmented by Virtual Reality and EEG-neurofeedback: Neuroimaging-based Validation and Optimization


Imaging dynamic brain networks by EEG and fMRI

Diffusion Weighted Imaging – Development of Methods and Applications

Tracing Gastric Cancer using Quantitative Bioimaging Analysis

Imaging cerebrovascular physiology by functional MRI

Brain Relaxometry

Image decomposition from noisy and missing data

T1 Mapping in Cardiac Imaging

Long-term non-intrusive monitoring for cognitive and emotional assessment from multi-modal data

Dark Proteome Database

PI's: Nelson Perdigão & Agostinho C da Rosa