Current position:

  • Research Assistant


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  • Office: 6.13 (North Tower, 6th floor)


I graduated in Biomedical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. During my Master’s, I engaged in a project at the Evolutionary Systems and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (LaSEEB) of ISR-Lisboa at IST, that aimed at the integration of EEG and fMRI signals in the scope of Brain-Computer Interface applications. After completing my MSc thesis on the “Identification of EEG Fingerprints of Simultaneous fMRI in Resting State and Motor Imagery” I started working as a researcher at LaSEEB. I am currently working on two projects, one for identifying neural correlates of motor imagery in neurorehabilitation, and the other for identifying EEG-fMRI markers of migraine.

Research interests:

My main research involves the investigation of models that describe the relationship between EEG and fMRI signals. I aim to apply these models in neurorehabilitation frameworks, specifically in the context of stroke and migraine.

I am interested in investigating the mechanisms underlying brain function, by combining non-invasive imaging techniques with computational modeling. I believe that these strategies can provide new insights that not only elucidate healthy brain dynamics but also help to design new therapies to fight neurological disorders.