Emotional and cognitive objective evaluation the subjects is essential both in the identification and characterization of common disorders, such as fatigue, stress and sleep disorders, as in the diagnosis of more severe neurological, psychological and psychiatric conditions such as MCI, ALS, Alzheimer, depression, anxiety, attention deficit and Schizophrenia. Early diagnosis is difficult to attain in all these disease and conditions, since medical signs and symptoms are imprecise and subtle and many times occur in intermittent and/or largely sparse periods of time.
Traditional diagnosis techniques, performed in the hospital and clinic environments based on medical examinations or high-tech and sophisticated exams, are often inefficient for diagnosis purposes because they are limited in time and the subjects go out of their normal quotidian conditions. In this line of research non-intrusive multi-modal and long-term monitoring approaches for ambulatory use are addressed and designed . The objective is to acquire and integrate physiological, behavioral and psychological data allowing building an emotional and cognitive profile of the subject.


Principal Researcher: João Sanches