Award for presentation at the Spring-Summer Meeting 2017 of Multiple Sclerosis Study Group

Team of researchers from LaSEEB was awarded the prize of Best Oral Presentation at the Spring-Summer Meeting 2017 of GEEM (Grupo de Estudo de Esclerose Múltipla) – Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia. The meeting was held in Figueira da Foz, May 26 and 27.
R. Simões, A.F. Ladeira, M. Veloso, R. Gonçalves, J. Graça, P. Figueiredo, R. Nunes, “QUANTEMTOOL – Ferramenta de Análise Quantitativa por Ressonância Magnética no Estudo da Esclerose Múltipla”. 
The work was developed during Rafael Simoes’s (Biomedical Engineer) Master Thesis, under supervision of Prof. Rita Nunes and Dr. Joana Graça from Hospital Egas Moniz.

Janssen Neuroscience RWE Award 2017 – 2º Prize

Team of researchers from LaSEEB and Hospital de Santa Maria were awarded the Janssen Neuroscience RWE Award 2017 – 2º Prize, in the category “Séries Clínicas”.
M. Tavares, S. Reimão, I. Chendo, R.G. Nunes, “Neuromelanin Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Substantia Nigra in First Episode Psychosis Patients with Psychotropic Drugs Consumption”.
The work was developed under the scope of Marta Tavares (Biomedical Engineer) Master Thesis. The award delivery took place at the Janssen Neuroscience Forum, 6th May 2017, PT Meeting Center, FIL, in Lisboa.

Seminar – 7 March 2017

Image guided adaptive radiotherapy:

real-time tumor motion monitoring and deformable image registration


Hugo Furtado

Medical University of Vienna

7 March 2017, 15h00, ISR Meeting Room

Hugo Furtado graduated with an MSC in Electrical Engineering at the Instituto Superior Tecnico – Technical University of Lisbon in 1999 and completed his PhD at the Josef Stefan International Postgraduate School in Ljubljana in 2010 as part of the Marie Curie EC project ARIS*ER – Augmented Reality in Surgery. Before that, he worked in the industry as an IT consultant and as a test engineer at CERN, Switzerland designing hard- and software for production testing of radiation tolerant ASICs. His current research interests are in medical image processing with special focus on applications to radiotherapy. He is currently a post-doc researcher at the Medical University of Vienna working on real-time tumor motion monitoring and deformable image registration.

Seminar – 6 March 2017

EEG phenomena: hot topics of the last decade; frequently asked questions


Fernando Lopes da Silva

Emeritus Professor

Centre of Neuroscience, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam

Department of Bioengineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon

Monday 6 March 2017, 17h00, ISR Meeting Room