Seminar by Prof. Mark Jenkinson

On November 13th, Prof. Mark Jenkinson, co-founder and principal developer of FSL, gave a seminar in Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, overviewing some of the advanced structural and functional imaging tools in FSL.

The FSL software is one of the most widely used neuroimaging analysis tools worldwide, and covers a range of functionality for structural, functional and diffusion image analysis for healthy and pathological subjects. This talk will provide an overview of some of the tools for quantifying structural atrophy and the segmentation of focal white matter pathologies (FSL-VBM, SIENA and BIANCA). In addition, the talk will also cover some of the artifact reduction methods available for functional data – in particular physiological noise modelling (PNM) and ICA-based artifact detection and removal. Some knowledge of neuroimaging and basic analysis methods will be assumed, but no prior knowledge of FSL is required.
Prof. Mark Jenkinson was born in Adelaide, Australia where he obtained first class Honours degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as Mathematical Physics.  His doctoral work was done in the University of Oxford in the area of Computer Vision, supervised by Prof. Sir Michael Brady.  After this he moved into medical imaging and joined the FMRIB centre where his research has concentrated on structural MRI analysis, multimodal analysis and population modelling, especially for clinical research. Prof. Jenkinson is also co-founder and principal developer of the FSL software package, used in over 1000 laboratories worldwide.  He is the co-editor of a series of introductory textbooks (Oxford Neuroimaging Primers) and is currently Head of the Structural Image Analysis Group at the Wellcome trust centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (formerly FMRIB).


Master Thesis defense – Ana Rita Veiga de Oliveira

Title: Identification of brain connectivity disruptions due to thalamic lesions in early development using Diffusion Weighted MRI

President: Professor Maria do Rosário de Oliveira Silva
Supervisor:   Professor Rita Homem de Gouveia Costanzo Nunes
External Member:  Doctor Rafael Neto Henriques

Date: 21 november 2018
Hour: 14h30
Location:  Anfiteatro PA2, Piso -1 Pav. de Matemática

Article in Scientific Reports

Scientific reports published a paper by LaSEEB researchers (Prof. João Sanches) explaining a novel methodology that allows the reduction of challenges faced because of cell variability. By designing a geometric compensation algorithm to cope with cell-to-cell difference the team managed to generate expression maps at an accurate level. This proposed method could be explored in research or diagnostic to identify patterns associated with diseases.

LARSyS Annual Meeting 2018

LARSyS held its annual meeting on June 14-15 2018, at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, bringing together the research community of ISR, IN+, MARETEC and M-ITI.

The goal of the workshop was to foster multidisciplinary discussions among researchers, align and re-invent agendas and pave the way to create new synergies and opportunities.

LaSEEB was represented by several members during the two-day event.