Several researchers from LaSEEB presented their work during the 27th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2019).

Abstracts presented:

  • Breath-hold BOLD-fMRI cerebrovascular reactivity metrics predict cognitive impairment in cerebral small vessel disease; Pinto J et al.
  • Amplitude of low-frequency fluctuations in resting-state BOLD-fMRI is associated with cognitive decline in cerebral small vessel disease; Moreira J. et al.
  • Impact of processing options on histogram metrics extraction from DWI in cerebral small vessel disease; Fouto A. et al.
  • Classification of BOLD-fMRI dynamic functional connectivity states based on simultaneous EEG microstates; Abreu R. et al.
  • Classification of sleep stages from fMRI dynamic functional connectivity using deep learning; Carmona J. et al.
  • Accelerated Carotid 4D flow MRI with Multicontrast HD-PROST Reconstruction; Gaspar A. et al.
  • Improving T2 and B1 parametric estimation in the brain with multi spin-echo MR and fusion bootstrap moves solver (FBMS); Freitas A. et al.
  • Neuromelanin-sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of the Substantia Nigra in Huntington’s Disease; Leitão R.  et al.
  • Optimizing Neuromelanin-sensitive Turbo Spin Echo sequences using the extended phase graph formalism including magnetization transfer effects; Nunes R. et al.


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